Is technology at fault?

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In the presence of abundant information and knowledge, should we continue to put the blame of ignorance on technology or our generation?

The blame on culture and traditions has now being shifted to technology and the upcoming generation. Technology is being blamed for providing inaccurate information that is sourced from unreliable sources. The popular way of criticising it is always negative in the sense that people believe that it gives a monopoly to those who are computer literate over the ones who are illiterate.

The other concern is that each time a person uses the computer or surfs the internet, there is a lot of junk that attracts them and distracts them from using this technology effectively.

On the other hand, there is a common claim in our society that this generation does not want to learn and is, ironically, not interested in gathering information in such an information-rich era of information age.

The more information availed on the internet, the more dispassionate they are about it. They are more interested in social networking more than really using the internet to enhance and brighten their future.

Do we agree with these claims as technology companies or do we have a different perspective?

What is it that we can do to give a better solution that is practical and tangible? As First Class Cre8tivity, we have discovered a better solution that is implementable and has already being initiated.

We have already implemented some of the suggestions and solutions concerning this matter. Our approach is first based on satisfying the emotions of the people through technology.

We have programmes that educate farmers on how to use technology to enhance their production with the aim of making them fill prestigious and modernized.

We held one program at Thabana Morena on the 4th July 2016 and we are heading to Makhaleng with the aim of impacting the whole country.

As for the upcoming generation we are planning to visit schools (especially high schools) with the aim of educating young people about the effective use of the internet and websites in a friendly manner that will make them fill appreciated and important.

We understand that the best way to sell your service and product to the customer is to make them understand that we are aware of their emotional wellbeing and that we care.

We understand as a company that the greatest way of informing the public about the importance of technology is not only about feeding them information. It is also about making them feel appreciated and cared for in this technological age. We have come to this conclusion based on the fact that most of the reactions and comments made on information either on websites or social networks is the one that is based on emotional impression and satisfaction.

First Class Cre8tivity is a technology based enterprise which aims to identify needs and work towards fulfilling such needs. We offer Business Intelligence Consultancy, Computer Maintenance, websites and systems development. We are located at Calton Centre, 2nd Floor, Room 204

Tel: +266 27007728/+266 59062877


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