Ba Re E Ne Re launch 2016 project

By: Sobukwe Mapefane
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Maseru - The growing literature initiative "Ba Re E Ne", has reached a milestone in orchestrating literature projects that have added value in the academic realm and among youth who love literature.

This year they have a Story Anthology project, which is a platform for locally based Basotho writers to showcase their fiction writing skills. The compilation of stories will be published both as a printed work and as an e-book.

In an interview with the Ba Re E Ne Re Director Lineo Segoete, Public Eye Online got insight into the great motivation behind the initiative and what the purpose of the anthology is and the expectations that have been set.

"I got involved with Ba Re E Ne Re because I had a lot of respect for the founder Liepollo Rantekoa who, unfortunately, passed on in 2012.

"The way I received the first festival in 2011 was with the understanding that she had created a platform with activities and an opportunity to think outside the box for literature lovers; be they writers or readers. Because it was foreign to me it immediately caught my attention as it was directly linked with something that I have a deep passion for.

"When given the opportunity to be involved in the project it became very easy for me to immerse myself in it out of the respect that I have for Rantekoa and her dream as well as my own passion for reading and writing," Segoete said.

The renowned writer added that through reading she has learnt to question information constructively and, in the process, develop her own perception which she rejects through her writing.

Her vision for the initiative is ultimately grounded in promoting a movement of independent thinkers that have strong voices and can tell their own stories through writing and other media since there are a number of them.

The Lesotho Story Anthology project is dedicated solely to creating a platform for Basotho writers, to share authentic "Sesotho" coated stories through their own eyes, understanding, narrative style and voice.

It seek to also challenge writers to use their imagination so as to capture the depths of their creativity.

"All in all as Ba Re E Ne Re what we are saying to Basotho is that they are great as they are but they can potentially become so much more if they put more e ort into developing themselves creatively. All we want to see them do is tell their stories through their own voices," Segoete added.

Writers are expected to submit up to three short stories for consideration and the stories must not have been previously published.

The stories should be works of fiction of between 1000 and 5000 words in either Sesotho or English. The stories have to be submitted between the 1st of May and 30 June 2016.

In summarising of her expectations of this project Segoete further stated that she would like to see more people being encouraged to read edifying books and also more creative Basotho telling authentic stories through their own voices in the various media besides that of writing.

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