Motivation drives Matela

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Maseru - Girls with an incredible work ethic deserve the best things in life. There is no doubt that Nthole Matela is an inspiring brand.?To her peers, she is also a pioneering hard worker determined to leave a mark on the local beauty pageant scene.

In an interview this week Matela, 22, popularly known as "En-Tee" and currently working as radio presenter and a model told Public Eye Online that her journey into the limelight started when she participated in her first pageant (Miss Hlotse) in 2011 where she took the crown.

In 2013 she went on to enter her second beauty pageant, the freshers' Miss National University of Lesotho, (NUL) where again she successfully took the crown.

Later that same year she participated in yet another pageant, the Face of Lesotho and was crowned Miss World Lesotho.

" The following year in November I took part in the Miss World pageant that was held in London, England.

"I, however, did not take the crown but I received with a gold medal in one of the fast track events that took place during my one-month stay in London, which therefore landed me among the top 35 in the pageant," said Matela.

"Upon my arrival, I landed myself a job at PC FM as a radio presenter, which I have been doing ever since and I have always loved doing what I do because it is a dream come true, she reminisced.

Matela revealed she takes pride in making her parents proud of her.

On the other hand, En-Tee explained that she has quite a number of role models, but admires everyone that gets up after a setback or failure and makes the best of what may look like a bad situation.

"We all go through certain setbacks in our lives but what makes us stronger is getting up and pushing forward and for me, that is what I consider a role model.

"One of the things I do not like doing the most is entertaining negativity. I believe what we consume in our minds plays a very big part in the people we become as well as what we in turn feed others.

"Therefore, I try my outmost to avoid any negativity," she said.

In addition, Matela clearly made it known that she would say the greatest project or accomplishment in her career so far is representing her country on an international platform and playing her part in giving beauty pageantry in Lesotho some recognition.

" This is visible through the massive support I received during that time. I have managed to win Gold in a fast track event on the biggest platform of beauty pageantry which to me is a big accomplishment," Matela remembered.

She said she is just a girl who is originally from Butha-Buthe, in a small village called Makhunoane who, however, grew up in Hlotse, Leribe. The beauty queen is currently studying towards a diploma in Community Development.

Matela told Public Eye Online that things do not always go as one would wish but occupies her mind at the moment is her beauty with a purpose project which not go as well as she had hoped because of insufficient support, especially financially. This she blamed on what she said was the spread of false information people have about pageantry.

"Criticism is very common in the world of beauty pageantry and like I explained previously, people have false information about beauty pageantry.

"I have had some people say it is all about exposing one's body and seeking attention. is infact, is not true, since beauty pageantry is about using one's skills to influence people's lives positively and use beauty in positive ways. For example there are different projects that beauty queens take part in and one that is famous in the pageant word is that of beauty with a purpose.

" This is where one tackles an issue that is closest to their hearts and bring positive change in people's lives. Mine was that of providing sanitary pads and hygiene products to students, especially the ones who are underprivileged financially," she said.

Matela added that she is just trying by all means to clarify everything because she does not necessarily take it as criticism but that was just lack of knowledge and it is her job as a pageant queen to set the record straight.

"Well, of course we work with different characters in this field and most have been very di cult to understand.

"I would not specifically call them irritating but it is a bit challenging to work with other ladies because sometimes all one wants is the title and would do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means being mean," Matela observed.

She revealed, what motivates her daily is her love for beauty pageantry and the goals that she has set for herself, which she cannot particularly talk about at the moment, well at least until she accomplishes them. The ambitious young lady says she is always most satisfied when she gets good feedback from people which to her means she is doing some- thing right and it motivates her to do even better.

She always tries most of the time to motivate people coming up in the industry and as- sure them that it is possible and by doing this as well she receives a lot of motivation too. Matela showed her interpretation of the saying "the hand that gives receives more" is that when she gives motivation, the motivation shouts louder in her mind and she gets even more motivated.

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