Pensioners ask for 10% increment

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Maseru - Women senior citizens of Maseru have asked for the old age pension to be adjusted by at least 10 percent in this year's budget allocation.

The Senior citizens association's spokeswoman 'Mats'itso Nts'aba said the suggested percentage would help many to address quality health for the pensioners.

She said the aged get free health services at the government health facilities but in most cases they face shortage if not lack of medication from the dispensary after the doctors' prescriptions.

"We are forced therefore to go to chemists to buy expensive medication to maintain good health," she explained.

Nts'aba added that they need a descent increment as opposed to the four percent they got during the 2016/17 budget presentation which brought the pension to M580.

She further requested the government to lower the age limit for those eligible to receive the old-age-pension to 65 years as opposed to the 70 years saying if the age could be reduced most citizens will be able to benefit from the pension which they need most because they are unemployed.

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