ProtonMail Launches Encrypted Email for iOS, Android

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ProtonMail, which offers encrypted email, on Thursday launched free iOS and Android mobile apps worldwide, through the iTunes App Store and Google Play, respectively.

They have been in beta since August, company CEO Andy Yen said. The email service features end-to-end encryption; emails stored on ProtonMail's servers also are encrypted and thus can't be accessed.

"Not even ProtonMail has the ability to read the emails of our users, and thus it's technically impossible for us to hand over user messages to third parties," Yen said.

Based in Switzerland, its servers are out of reach of United States authorities. All ProtonMail client-side code is open source and is reviewed by the ProtonMail community.
Encryption Is Here to Stay
The FBI has obtained a court order compelling Apple to assist it in accessing encrypted data, a move that has sparked strong emotions on both sides of the argument.

The release of yet another encrypted email system highlights one aspect of the debate. That is, even if the U.S. authorities should prevail in their case against Apple, there would still be many other encryption options that would not be subject to their investigations.

"We are supportive of Apple's efforts, but ultimately I don't think what happens in Switzerland will dramatically impact the outcome of that case," Yen remarked.As far as encryption is concerned, the genie is already out of the bottle, Chen said, "and there's nothing to be gained by trying to legislate or control it.

The sooner governments realize this, the sooner we can all work together to tackle the even more severe threats facing the Internet community today, such as the rise of cyberattacks and cyberterrorism. For that, encryption will be a hugely important defensive tool." - TECHNEWSWORLD

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