Engineers meet to mitigate drought

By: Nthatuoa Koeshe
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Maseru The Lesotho Association of Engineers (LAE) has since yesterday been holding a conference on sustainable water supply and management strategies at a local hotel.

Lesotho, along with other countries in the southern Africa region, is facing a serious shortage of water due to the prevailing drought.

In an interview with Public Eye Online, Motsamai Rafoneke president of LAE said, as engineers they realised they should contribute to creating change in the face of the worsening drought crisis the country is facing. He said they want to help the government to come up with ideas that could help save water in the country.

“We are working with different departments to implement sustainable projects and ways of saving water using the knowledge that we have,” he said.

Commissioner of water, Mokake Mojakisane, said Lesotho is well known for having a lot of water but it still faces water crises. With this in mind, he said, they are going to partner LAE to fight this and help save the country’s water.

In his remarks Ralechate Mokose, the minister of water, disclosed that the government of Lesotho supports this major effort by LAE as it compliments the efforts of his ministry as the custodian of all water related issues, including policies and strategies and their implementation.

He added that Lesotho is regarded as the water tower of southern Africa due to the abundance of its water, which largely emanates from the complex wetlands system in the Maloti Mountains that stores and regulates the discharge of water from the relatively good rains in the northern part of the country into the river network.

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