NUL staff party marks year-end


ROMA - The National University of Lesotho (NUL) last Friday marked the closing of the college for the Christmas and New Year holiday at a party held at the Vice Chancellor (VC)’s yard on campus. Addressing NUL staff, Mahao said this had been a very good year ever as the varsity achieved many of the goals they had set for the institution when the year started.

“We have achieved most of our major plans for this year. Among others is the launch of NUL HUB and Sebabatso Yoghurt Plant and above all most of the lecturers have been promoted,” he said. The year 2018 has seen a lot of innovation which observers note can pull the country’s oldest tertiary institution from the brink of a precipice. Through the HUB, NUL has produced many tangible solutions to day-to-day problem confronting Basotho with a strong entrepreneurial thrust.

He noted that many lecturers had earned promotions from lecturers to senior lecturers, and to associate professors and full professors. “Lecturers are promoted based on their researches (preliminary findings) where their researches are submitted to about three professors from abroad. If they are approved by at least two of the professors then such an associate professor gets promotions to a full professor,” he explained.

“Currently we have about 45% to 46% of our lecturers who do not have PHDs and we are far from what we want as we want though, it is better than when I got here.” Mahao, however, lamented that many lecturers were leaving NUL in for search of greener pastures after getting PHDs. “In the past three weeks, three PHD level lecturers from the faculty of Humanities have resigned,” he added.


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