LEFA unveils coaching courses for goalkeepers

Nthethe Maphaong

MASERU - Prominent Argentine football coach Alejandro Heredia is in the country to conduct a series of training courses for local goalkeepers’ coaches. Heredia has been seconded to Lesotho by the International Federation of Football (FIFA) to coordinate goalkeepers’ training, Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) officials announced at a function at Bambatha T’sita Sport Arena this morning.

This course is an advanced version of a course FIFA held in the country in 2014. The training will end on Thursday, 21 September 2018. “Basic knowledge of goalkeeping from the grass roots level is lacking not only in Lesotho but in Africa at large,” he said. “We need to educate or recruit keepers at the grass roots level so that we can compete at international level or even to have super goalkeepers’ coaches on the African Continent,” he said.

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