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MASERU - Kiva is a natural born fighter. She has muscled her way to the top of the entertainment industry in a short time, thanks to her never-say-die spirit. Kananelo Phakisi, popularly known as ‘Kiva’, a young woman who tried it all in the entertainment industry, is finally making waves and stealing many hearts with her magnificent work.

She wears many hats; as a women’s rights activist, MC, model, rapper, socialite and a founder of Girls Like Us foundation. Just last week she was honoured by the Lesotho National Commission for UNESCO for being one of the women who took part in an event meant to motivate women dubbed Women in Power. Speaking to this publication after receiving the award, Kiva indicated that she is very thankful that she is making an impact on women’s lives.

She said UNESCO recognised her through her foundation ‘Girls Like Us’ where she supports young girls by becoming “a voice for the voiceless”. Ever since last year a lot of wonderful deeds have been happening in her life and it would seem 2017 was a phenomenal year for her. She hosted big events such as the Ultimate Music Awards, Alliance Sports Media Awards, Ultimate Music Awards, Miss Maseru, Gospel events, to mention but few. She was also the beautiful face on Vodacom billboards.

The 25-year-old made her first-ever appearance in the entertainment industry, as early as 2013 while featuring in Basali track that made a lot of noise in the industry but after few months she turned down the volume on life. But Kiva who has always dreamt of being a star from childhood never gave up. She auditioned for Lesotho Television’s ‘Presenters Search in 2014’ and made it among the top presenters.

The associate degree in public relations holder who is currently studying for a BA in Professional Communications at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, saw the birth of her modelling career in 2016 and was able to gather an even bigger fan base.

The same year Kiva proved the value of her talent to the whole of Africa, after she made it to top 13 at the LTC Next Great Presenter Competition which was held at Manganani Boutique Spar in Cape Town, South Africa out of more than 100 competitors across Africa.

In previous interviews with Public Eye, Kiva revealed that being part of LTC was a life-time achievement. “Just making it to the semi-finals means I have what it takes to be among great presenters in Africa,” she said explaining that it was scary to compete with top celebrities.

“In the semi-finals I was left with big names, people who have their own television and radio shows yet I was just an ordinary girl from Lesotho,” she said. Kiva further indicated that she was there to show the world that Lesotho is full of talent.

“Our country usually goes unrecognised due to how media portray it, all that is ever said is its limited resources, high HIV/AIDS infections and political shenanigans, forgetting its beauty and various talents it can offer not only in Africa but the whole world,” he said with a sad voice. Asked what she learned from the TLC competition, she mentioned that she saw there is a lot of improvement that needs to be applied in the local entertainment industry. “I learnt how to stay positive and to have confidence while focusing on achieving my goals,” she said.

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