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MASERU – The Lesotho Secretary Association (LSA) together with the International Renaissance Centre (IRC) awarded hardworking secretaries and personal assistants (PAs) to show appreciation and keep them motivated. The humbling event took place at Avani Maseru on Friday September 22 where the three African countries syndicates being Lesotho, Uganda and Kenya gathered.

According to Mrs ’Mafako Sootho, deputy president at Lesotho Secretaries Association, for a very long time secretaries have gone unnoticed and unappreciated and that demotivated them but “thankfully the association was established to develop and uplift them”.

She added, “for the first time in history Mr Lerata Pekane, Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Small Business is the first senior government official to show keen interest in the association.” Mr Pekane is currently working hand in hand with the secretaries association to make sure that their well-being is taken into consideration for more efficiency.

“The little time I have been involved in this movement, I feel like I am finding myself so God help me change my mindset before I try to affect the external environment with positivity. I am greatly thankful to my superior and Mrs Winnie for the experience she has brought to our reach because through their great effort a strong leader shall soon be unleashed in in me, in all of us,” Mrs Sootho said.

In an interview with Mrs Winnie Kamuya the executive director and founder Assistant of the Year Award-Africa, she says there is no good boss without a strong secretary this is why they train and recognize secretaries to put them on the map. Kamuya said it is wrong to perceive secretaries as minor gatekeepers because it is their hard work that shapes their superiors.

She further advices secretaries to constantly develop since their work is highly dynamic adding that is also very crucial for them to have the latest technology that allows them to multitask.


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