Near-nude Tau steals NUL graduation show


MASERU – Model, beauty queen and a taekwondo player, Michelle Elizabeth Tyityimana Tau, headed out for her graduation last week Saturday with her birthday suit barely covered. The 21-year-old turned heads with an extremely revealing brown self-designed jumpsuit fused nicely with a matching long slit light nude robe, ornamented exquisitely with tiny flowers towards the selvedge.

Donning her seemly cocktail outfit that exposes her flush tummy, the beauty queen added even more flavour to her look with her open toe, ankle strap, and chunky heals. She was part of the National University of Lesotho – NUL graduating class of 2018. Although many thought the dressing was perfect for a night out, Tau decided to break some rules and show off her assets to her peers, graduates and onlookers during the day.

One of the onlookers, who saw the beauty queen step out of her dressing room to join other graduates at NUL’s graduations ceremony, said Tau stole the entire show. “As soon as she stepped out everyone’s attention shifted to her. Yes, since she is a model and beauty queen we were all expecting something unique from her but not the nudity we saw.

“But who are we to judge, it was her big day, she needed to feel good and unique, and she did,” said the witness who chose to remain anonymous said. Public Eye Lifestyle noticed that Tau has not only been trending at NUL campus but also on various social media platforms attracting both negative and positive comments on the choice of outfit she chose for her graduation.

On various social media platforms people admired her outfit and supported the young model while others thought the outfit was indecent and too revealing. Speaking to Public Eye Lifestyle this week, Tau said she personally designed her graduation outfit for a purpose. “I designed the dress and got a tailor to make it for me. I wanted my outfit to be unique, different, and beautiful and show that modelling and school go together,” she said, adding that through her outfit she needed to show the world that there are still beauty queens and models with brains.

Responding to social media comments, the Ha Leqele born beauty said she had expected both positive and negative comments. “I chose this outfit because I loved it, and I was pretty much aware that my outfit might cause a stir and when it occurred I wasn’t worried at all. I mean even if I could rewind time I would still do everything the same way and not change even a single thing,” Tau said.

Ever since she joined the beauty industry, people always had something to say about her, she said. “I have learnt that people talk, whether you do something good or bad; all they do is talk and I have learnt to live my life and be happy,” said Tau who seemed totally unfazed by the criticism she received on social media. Advising young women whose bodies are criticised on a daily bases, she said women need to know who they are, what they are worth, what they believe in and above all love themselves.

“To build self-esteem starts with loving yourself and then it will be easy feel comfortable in your own skin, and you will starting living your life,” she said. However, the beauty queen said she already has her future plans, which involve going back to school to further her studies by pursuing a Masters in Psychology.

“Being a woman in the beauty industry I came across many challenges in my journey, so I saw the importance of psychologists that is why I decided to further my studies in psychology so that I help people who are going through unwarranted criticisms and discrimination on a daily basis,” she said adding that after four years of studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling she finally feels like conqueror.

“I feel like I am out of this world. I thought last year around this time was the best day of my life but present right here has to take the top spot as the best day of my entire existence. “I am happy that I made my mom proud; she is my pillar, my superwoman and above all I feel blessed by God on so many levels.” Speaking about her beauty career, Tau said she has passed the stage of competing on a local pageant.

“After I was crowned Face of Lesotho 2017, it was the end of me competing in local pageants. I am now focusing on competing at international level,” she said thanking everyone who supported her. Many will remember that Tau is that girl who surprised everyone by winning almost all the biggest local pageants within just a year in the beauty industry. She is daughter to taekwondo legends Thakane and the late Molise Tau.

Under her belt she bears Miss NUL 2017, Face of Lesotho 2017 and 1st Princess Miss Intervarsity 2017, among many other titles. In taekwondo, in 2014 she was selected to the national team and the following year she started training with the national side, and was ranking Number 1 in Lesotho on the fighting category weight of -46/-49kg.

She also attended the 3rd Bojanala’s taekwondo championships in Rustenburg and in 2015 went to the All African Games in Congo Brazzaville. In 2016, she competed at the Olympic Qualification held in Agadir, Morocco and also participated in the intervarsity games in 2016 and 2017. Again in 2016, she ranked number six in Africa at the drawing lot in Morocco and number 121 in the World.

However, in 2017 due to lack of funds she missed countless championships and her latest rank moved to 16 in Africa and 146 in the World. Tau also participated in The Lesotho 4th Korean Ambassador’s cup taekwondo team championships. She is also the Ambassador of Clean Sports Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO).


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