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MASERU – Mpho Molefe As conspirational as a wink in her black twinkled eye, lights shine upon the young glowing is amiable, big hearted Mpho Molefe.The angelic 19-year old resident of Fokothi Molefe is a life changer. She is arguably a God-sent either in love of music, talent or any aspect of life.

Growing up from a little girl, being a lonely child at home and not living in a normal household, in the absence of a father, drove her into the world of darkness. Her father has been an absent father for long. Having not to experienced the warmth of having a normal family had made her heart sink in sorrow for many years.

Her mother has always been her role model, “she means everything to me after she raised me in the absence of my dad. She wanted the best for me to be a better woman of tomorrow. Everytime I listen to the late R’nB artsiste 2Pac’s song “Dear mama” it reminds me of my late mother. It’s as if it was dedicated for me to give to her,” she said.

The challenges she met during her childhood age had slowly swallowed up her inner peace living her with a sign of terror although the circumstances she underwent she became strong and exquisite now she conquers her bright new world by erasing the dark world she used to live in.Mpho who is a first year student studying Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource (HR) at the University of Johannesburg while also a radio presenter at Bokamoso FM.

She is also signed to the Leleti Modelling Agency and she was part of Lesotho Miss Plus Size agent where there would be doing photoshoots. Additionally she also hosts shows of beauty pageants and events. The young has a heart of helping orphans with a motive to be an inspiration to people.

She has learnt hard ways of life in every aspect, and she says helping orphans makes her feel at home and brings her rivers of joy. She feels the presence of a warm hearted place whenever she is around oprhans nor the needy, she discloses. “I feel at home because I also consider myself as an orphan because of my late mother. This is regardless the fact that I still have a ‘missing’ father,” said Mpho.

“I have always been confused of the career path I wanted to choose but I took wrong routes in my life and taking the the route of being in the media industry because I want to own my tv show one day that is why I take different paths to figure out which career would suit me best. At university I am studying Bachelor Commerce in Human Resource,” Molefe says.

Molefe also has a project she is accomplishing at Ha Bua Sono by helping orphans providing food and helping them financially so that they clothe and have a better education. She belives that by taking the courageousness of handling a social responsibility will benefit her one day. “God blesses those who give back,” Mpho said adding that the orphans she is helping the leaders of tomorrow.

Moreover, in her business world she is a shareholder in carwash at Maseru Mall and a guest house called Elibo at Ha Pita as well as a shareholder at Winners of Success company situated in Johannesburg.“I am investing money in these businesses because I want to be responsible in saving money rather than falling into the weakness of being a money spender,” Molefe says.

Mpho started her prep at st Bernadette primary school then she went to Phethahatso English Medium School where she completed her Primary Leaving Certificate. She then went to ‘Mabathoana High School after which she proceeded to Christian Diverts High School where completed her matric. With a strong passion to do weln school, Molefe grew up with the ambition for leadership. She says when at school she used to do public speakings, “I am confident and not shy. What boosted my confidence was my granddad. A call from him everytime I had to represent used to brighten me up and make me grin like a chesire cat,” she adds. From being a class monitor back in primary school, she is now a students representative at the University of Johannesburg. Whenever she is with her peers they would elect her as the leader and that made her adapted to the the idea of being a leader. “I was basically born as a leader,” Molefe says with a smile. “I dream big but I never dreamt of having things such as a car like my peers out there would dream for. Instead I grew up seeing my granddad working hard. He is one of the leaders who inspire me and I adapted to the love of politics and leadership from him following in his footsteps I think I can change of people’s lives,”said Mpho. Staying beautiful and glowing is my one of Molefe’s motto’s in her ‘hot spicy teen world’. Growing up next to her uncle Papa Z and going to studio got her closer to be interested in entertainment industry and her dad being a close friend to one of South Africa’s local artiste Heavy K also made her t get more interest in the industry.

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