Financial report eludes Matlama again


MASERU –When Matlama hold their executive committee elections on Sunday, the presentation of the team’s financial statement will not be part of the agenda, club president Ikarabele Sello has said. The team could not elect a new committee at the annual general meeting of July 29 after the old committee had failed to present a financial report.

Sello, who was on Friday last week elected the new chairman of the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) said the elusive statement was currently with the auditors. “The financial statement will still not be available when we hold an elective conference this Sunday,” Sello told Public Eye on Wednesday. He added: “This is because the statement is still with the auditors, and you cannot push the auditors because they have their way of doing things.”

Sello said the committee was unable to prepare the financial report on time as the club’s former treasurer, Lesenyeho Tšiu, died before last month’s AGM. “Therefore we did not have relevant financial information when we held the AGM but as soon as we gathered that information, we submitted it to the auditors,” he also said.

According to sources close to the club, Sello, who became president of the team in 2013, is likely to retain his position despite the elusive statement. But Sello told this paper that he was no longer interested in competing for the top seat in the club. “But it will depend on what the followers say at the end of the day, if they still want me as the club’s president then I will definitely stand for elections.

“I have just been elected to the chairmanship of the PLMC and I don’t think I will do justice to the Premier League if I also serve as Matlama’s president. But like I said Matlama fans might think otherwise about the whole thing,” he said. Matlama’s crisis began way before last month’s AGM when the supporters started complaining about the team’s poor performance.

During the November 2017 extra ordinary conference, due to dissatisfaction the club’s followers actually threatened to elect a new committee despite the fact that the conference was not an elective one. But Sello was quick to explain that the people who made those threats simply did not have the best interests of the team at heart.

“That is the same attitude that is causing the club not to attract sponsors because no business will invest its money in a team that is not together like that,” he said. Sources further show that former member of the executive committee Paballo Makakole is challenging Sello for the club’s top post.

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