Big wins for My China Stories 2018


BEREA – The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China held ‘Chinese Bridge’ - a Mandarin proficiency and ‘My China Story’ competition at Avani Lesotho last Saturday. The Chinese proficiency competition, which featured 14 Machabeng College students, was the second preliminary contest in Lesotho.

Tasks included a Mandarin verbal quiz, mini projects such as paper cutting, Kung fu moves, Mandarin songs, dances and poems. The first prize was a certificate as well a monetary reward up to the sum of M2 500 and an opportunity to go to China to represent Lesotho in the same contest.

The second prize was a certificate and M2 000, while the 3rd prize was an award of a certificate and a sum of M1 000. My China Story 2018 booklet marked the second collection of stories by Basotho about their encounters, interactions and friendship with China and the Chinese people.

Emboldened by the success of last year’s contest, the embassy called for a second round of China Stories competition. Most stories discussed the China-Lesotho friendship from various perspectives. Speaking at the occasion the Chinese Ambassador to Lesotho Dr Sun Xianghua quoted a Chinese proverb that says, “only if built on sincerity can friendship endure the test of times”.

He further said: “After reading all the stories, I am further convinced that there is no better way to depict the China-Lesotho relationship than this old saying, which is solidly based on the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good will.”

He continued: “The stories in this book tell vividly the frequent exchanges between our two civilizations; the sincere friendship and win-win cooperation between our two countries and the heart-felt amity between our two peoples”. Dr Sun also noted that since the last FOCAC Johannesburg Summit in December of 2015, 900 Basotho have gone to China for various training programmes.

Most of the stories in the book are about Basotho’s exciting experiences of study trips to China. Dr Sun is adamant that the observations coming from the Basotho storytellers will help “the embassy to better understand Lesotho and Basotho’s aspirations and expectations towards China-Lesotho relations, so that they can better synergise the joint efforts to push the two countries’ bilateral relations to new heights”. The contest is aimed to be an annual event.

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