Proud designers host Miss Seshoeshoe


MASERU - Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) Internship students placed at the Limkokwing Entrepreneurship Accelerator Point (LEAP) through their events company- Royalee Events two weeks ago hosted Miss Seshoeshoe pageant at Maseru Mall. The students did this in a bit to promote the Seshoeshoe fabric and dress, and other traditional wear.

The event was also held in Commemoration of African Month and was a platform to showcase Basotho’s traditional designs. The event according to organizers was meant to promote Basotho’s traditional wear and bring the innovative feel to modelling as most pageants have always focused on the obvious styles of modelling such as swimwear models.

They pointed out that modeling can’t always be about swimwear but people can be confident in their own attire or culture and that their vision is for Basotho to appreciate their traditional wear and be confident in wearing it. They said they were also motivated by the fact that a lot of people are focusing on the western styles mainly because they are on daily bases exposed to these styles hence a decision to organize the event to put Seshoeshoe out there for people to appreciate and be impresses with it.

While the main focus of their pageant was on the traditional Seshoeshoe, they also showcased traditional wear that included a range of Basotho blankets, the Basotho thethana (underwear) and a variety of Seshoeshoe designs done by small businesses who were part of their sponsors. Other sponsors were Maseru Mall and Blanket Power. They pointed out that the event was also meant to encourage Basotho to have a sense of believe in their cultural wear and expose the opportunities that lie within most Sesotho traditional wears such as the well known Seana-marena blanket which is celebrated globally.

One of the organizers, Moliehi Makau told Public Eye in an interview that their main drive with Miss Seshoeshoe pageant lies with the fact that other countries are proud of their culture, particularly their traditional wear yet it was a different case with Basotho who most of the times follow other cultures. She said they took the pageant as a platform to showcase the traditional wear for people to appreciate it.

“We wanted to bring Basotho back to loving and appreciating their culture after realizing that they have shifted to embracing other people’s culture while ignoring their own,” she said. She added that there has been progress in regard to new Seshoeshoe designs but Basotho have not fully capitalized on the Seshoeshoe wear adding that they want to bring back the spirit and pride of Basotho in Seshoeshoe wear.

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