Indian Association hosts local food and fun fair


MASERU - Machabeng College two weeks hosted the International Food and Fun Trade fair organised by the Indian Association of Lesotho. The Indian community living in Lesotho convened at the college grounds to celebrate with different fun filled activities organized by the association. Activities of the day included among others the Indian fashion show where local models showcased different Indian and local designs, games for the kids and food tasting.

The event managed to bring together the different nationalities present in the country who came in numbers to celebrate with the Indian community. Other nationalities present were Americans, Chinese, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan and many others with a number of Basotho also present.Entourages were also treated to a lifetime experience as they had a chance to taste a range of dishes from different nationalities at the stalls that sold dishes of different nationalities present at the celebration.

On top of that, there was also Indian music performances backed by some of the local dances to entertain the audiences. International food and fun trade fair is held annually in the country by the Indian Association of Lesotho (IAL). It is intended to promote and endorse the growing cultural panorama in Lesotho. Among those present at the occasion was Home Affairs Minister, Tsukutlane Au who was an invitee representing government. In his remarks, Indian Association president Biju Abrahan Korah said the international food and fun trade fair is held annually by the Indian association in a bit to unite the Indian community in Lesotho.

He said the day is supposed to be a fun filled day and is meant to rejoice with all Indians while also promoting cultural integration. Abraham thanked the home affairs minister for his presence at the occasion to celebrate the day with them and promised the minister that Indians will continue assisting the Lesotho government in a number of development activities such as the scholarship opportunities for Basotho students to study in India.

“On behalf of the Indian community in Lesotho, we thank Ntate Au (who is here) with us today and are indeed grateful for the support of the government of Lesotho on our stay in the country,” he said. “ He further stated that the event annually observed to unite all Indians in different parts of Lesotho to rejoice and unite. Dr Megh Raj, an Indian doctor who has been in the country since 2008 told Public Eye in an interview that while the international food and fun trade fair is about the Indian association, he sees the day as the cultural integration with Lesotho being the host.

He said Lesotho as a country should be applauded for hosting a variety of nations in their small country and should be praised for its generosity adding that Lesotho allows foreigners people to practice their own culture. He further stated that as an individual, he is very fond of Lesotho which he described as a culturally proud country welcoming other nations without intimidating them.

“I have been to 11 countries over the world but Lesotho is the very best country in terms of being friendly to foreigners. I have been in Lesotho from 2008, went away but I jumped at the opportunity to be back when it presented itself again,” he said.

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