Mall launches debut Expo


MASERU - Pioneer Mall shoppers had a whale of a moment not only to shop for typical groceries and apparels but also relish in Car and Outdoor Expo yesterday at the mall’s debut Expo. The Expo intended to grow local tourism started yesterday and is scheduled to last till Saturday (tomorrow). It features various car dealers, banks, insurances and resort companies.

The displays include various high-quality, large vehicles apt for Lesotho’s topography such as the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner to mention a few, camping gears and booklets for various local resorts. Speaking to Public Eye during the Expo launch Marketing manager at Pioneer Mall ’Mampalo Mohobone indicated that Car and Outdoor Expo is the first of its kind locally.

“We hosted various kinds of expos earlier, but the Car and Outdoor Expo is the first of its kind where we brought resort companies, insurances, banks and car dealers together for people to learn about tourism while also teaching people on how all companies could work hand in glove in growing tourism.

Mohobone further stated the reason the mall had included car dealers is for customers to know suitable vehicles for Lesotho’s terrain which attracts tourists. “We are trying to familiarize and stimulate touring lifestyle in locals thus we decided to use the mall as a place for tourists to book for resorts at cheaper rates,” she said adding that winter is the favourite seasons for most tourist to the Mountain Kingdom.

However, she further highlighted that the Expo is a pilot project meant to see if costumers would buy into the notion. “I can’t tell as yet about the reception of the idea but we hope costumers like the idea, for it to be added for our annual calendar,” Mohobone said.

Speaking to this paper at the same event, marketing manager at ClientCare Risk Consultants ’Musi Ntjabane indicated insurances formed part of the Expo to highlight the signifi cant part insurances play in protecting properties such as vehicles. “ClientCare is an insurance broker offering, motor, personal, commercial and contractors insurance but today we focusing mainly on motor insurance, where we encourage Basotho to insure their properties,” Ntjabane said.

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