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Nthabiseng Moiloa, a 22 - year - old journalist who works for Mafeteng Community Radio is also a passionate beautician. Public Eye’s ‘Masentle Makara sat down with Moiloa to find more about how she juggles the two seemingly disparate interests.“Growing up I always wanted to be a TV star. I remember being laughed by my late grandfather when I said that, but believe me I had no other choice so I would always say I want to be a TV Star”, she said laughing.

“Then we had a black and white television screen at home and I would sit to watch “Thabang Thabong” and that is where I had the desire to be like Mme Malimpho (the teacher of those cartoons in that show)”, she added. Miloai was born and raised in Mafeteng Matheneng in a family of four including her younger sister, her father and mother. She went to Boitelo Nursery School though she did not graduate from there. “Mum says I would cry when I had to go to school until she decided to let me stay at home when other children were going to school. I would wake up to go and play mantloane with my doll at the back of the yard, instead.”

“I remember playing until it was so late that I had to lie and say I was in the toilet in order to avoid being punished.” She then went to St. Gerard Primary School from standard 1 to 5 before completing her primary education at Leratong Primary school where she obtained second class pass in 2008. She then went to Mafeteng High School where she obtained a second class pass for her Junior Certificate in 2011 before she completed COSC in 2013 where she obtained a third class pass. Moiloa says she is a firm believer in making sure one should not put her eggs in one basket.

After completing COSC, she tried several tertiary schools before she applied for a teaching course but realised she was not passionate about it. While she was wondering about what course to pursue for a career, she heard of the mass communication course at the Institute of Extra Mural Studies (IEMS). “I saw a golden opportunity to at least be able to appear on screen so I didn’t need to think twice; I knew it was self-sponsored but I applied anyway. I had always wanted to do media so why waste time, I said to myself.”

“When I heard that it deals with journalism, news readers and media related courses, I closed my eyes and thought of the person I would love to be like and Mme Moipone Teba from LTV came to my mind. She is my inspiration.I love that woman whose voice is everything and I felt drawn towards news more and more because of her.” Moiloa says during most of her spare time she watches documentaries and talk shows but she loves music and spending time with loved ones.

Despite the high university fees, Moiloa had no other options but to ask her parents to pay for her tuition. Tears well up in her eyes as she pays tribute to her parents for the support they have given her despite their limited means. “Growing up I was raised by hard working parents and may God bless them abundantly.

“Mum and dad remain my role models even today. As a kid I never really had most of the things I wanted to have like toys for example because my parents were not employed.” “My mother is a street vendor while my father is a farmer. We had to accept our circumstances and that is when I started to develop self-confidence.

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