ABC youth league stands by Thabane


MASERU – The ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC)’s youth league has thrown its full weight behind the party leader Prime Minister Thomas Thabane amidst brewing internal revolt which could potentially incinerate the party. Thabane is facing a growing mutiny in the party he formed in 2006. The rebellion against the leader and party’s leadership started to gather pace over the past few weeks as voices inside the party began to communicate their displeasure at how Thabane had allegedly allowed his wife ‘Maesaiah Thabane to “conflate the bedroom and the state”.

The dissenters argue that the First Lady is meddling in government processes, systems and functions because of her personal proximity to the Prime Minister, allegations which have been dismissed as “malicious and baseless” by the fi rst lady’s spokesperson Silas Monyatsi. They have on different public platforms told the leadership that it was doing a terrible job and that the National Executive Committee was complicit in the overall annihilation of the party.

ABC Secretary General Samonyane Ntsekele on Monday stepped up to the plate and invited the mavericks to an impromptu meeting that finally put the leadership crisis which led to the growing sedition on the table. While the revolt gradually gains momentum despite interventions, ABC youth league spokesperson Mphonyane Lebesa told Public Eye yesterday that all members of the party were “indebted to Thabane for the sacrifices he made for the party” and therefore they should all subject themselves to his authority, control, guidance and instruction.

“The people who are attacking the party’s leadership are indeed our known party members. But I can assure you now that the party’s Secretary General has invited the disgruntled members to talks, he has already had two or three meetings with them and their issues will be resolved amicably and within the structures of the party,” Lebesa said. He, however, declined to respond to the allegations against the First Lady head-on saying he wanted to give Ntsekele, who also has the full support of the national youth league committee, ample space to suitably deal with the dissent and bring stability in the party.

Ntseke l e ’s phone rang unanswered last night when Public Eye tried to contact him for comment. Monyatsi told this paper yesterday that Mrs Thabane was neither a member of the cabinet nor member of parliament and therefore did not have any influence on the government’s policies. “The attacks on her are a result of misconceptions and nuisances. She is not even a member of the judiciary. She is not part of any of the three arms of state; it is unfortunate that some people insinuate that she is meddling in state affairs,” he said.

Lebesa also advised ABC members to use internal party disputes resolution processes whenever they felt aggrieved instead of publicly airing internal issues like that, which he emphasised would erode the authority of the party’s leadership which is entrusted with resolving any disputes. “The party’s structures are still intact under Ntate Thabane’s leadership and submissive to his leadership. As members, we should always remember how he personally suffered since establishing this party and we should thank God for his life.

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