Netloans rescues needy students

Thato Ramafu

MASERU - Netloans Lesotho, a micro lending company has yet again come to the aid of four financially struggling students at Makhoathi High School by paying for their full school fees and book rentals for the year.The company’s CEO, Jafeta Pheko, handed proof of payment for the four students covering the entire year school fees with book fees amounting to M5 220.00.The company seeks to make giving their signature gesture.

Hardly six months ago, the company ‘blessed some needy students’ at Morija Primary School with school shoes and shirts.Speaking at the occasion to hand over the sponsorship, Pheko said they got to know that there were some financially needy learners at Makhoathi High School and took the matter to heart and decided to help.

He also made it clear that “we all deserve to be given a chance in this life time and that helping one soul is saving our universe”.The school’s principal, Phakiso Moonyane, thanked the company for such a great act of kindness and strongly urged the four learners to study hard, which he said would be a perfect way to show appreciation to Netloans’ generosity.Moonyane has a track record of helping in educational needs. He was one of the few to lend a hand in materializing the Edition 1 of Macmillan Agriculture study book for a Form D class.

Because not many are fortunate to get opportunities like this, students were humbled and promised to work twice as hard admitting it is a challenge to study well when one is constantly worried about where the next fees would come from or when the next dismissal would be.

Those times are a thing of the past for the four students – two in Form C and two in Form B.Pheko further emphasised that he hopes students would grab the opportunity with both hands and put more effort on their studies for a bright future.He added that the first door has been opened for them and he was inviting them to open their minds to new possibilities, to create visions of an aspirational future adding they should never quit school to go gallivanting in aimless pursuits.

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