Moleleki should rein in Litjobo: Chesetsi


MASERU – Sello Chesetsi , Alliance of Democrats (AD) secretary for party leader Monyane Moleleki’s Machache constituency committee is breathing fire, accusing the AD founder of failing to bring spokesperson Thuso Litjobo to order for his errant behaviour which he says could “lead to the disintegration of the AD”. According to Chesetsi , the AD would fare better in Lesotho’s political landscape and experience less conflicts, if Moleleki disciplined Litjobo and treated him like other AD members, instead of showing blatant favouritism towards the former youth leader.

Litjobo is the former AD youth league president who was last month elected spokesperson of the party. Speaking to Public Eye on Monday, exactly a week after the dissolution of the AD national youth committee, Chesetsi accompanied by the dissolved youth committee’s secretary general Letuka Chafotsa, blamed Litjobo for the woes in the party, which he said led to the disbandment of the outfit. Chesetsi and Chafotsa are allies of former AD SG Mokhele Moletsane, who was unseated by current SG Dr Mahali Phamotseat last month’s AD elective indaba after a fierce competition, which also saw Litjobo banging the spokesperson’s gong.

Chesetsi lamented that the decision was unfair especially because it was made by a national executive committee which Litjobo was part of, adding that this was an indicator that the AD spokesperson had a hand in the dissolution. “Litjobo is the source of discord in the AD and the primary reason why that committee was dissolved. There have been commissions established to ascertain the source of conflict in the party and I was part of one such commission,” Chesetsi said

“It was established by that commission that Litjobo’s habit of expelling from committees people he differed with was one of the primary sources of discord and further recommended that the youth committee be dissolved. This is a decision that the NEC can’t even articulate clearly because there was no evidence that the youth committee failed to execute its mandate. “But at the time the NEC strongly opposed its dissolution and suspicion was that the AD leadership then feared that dissolving that committee would be detrimental to Litjobo’s career.

“But now after just over a month since Litjobo graduated to the NEC, the youth committee has suddenly become so incompetent that it must be dissolved because Litjobo is no longer part of it.” Announcing the dissolution of the youth committee during a media briefing at the AD headquarters in Maseru East, Moleleki said the idea going forward was to engage the party’s potential young leaders in a Youth Development Programme “to learn leadership by observation”, as they prepared for elections for a new youth NEC in future.

However, Chesetsi criticised Moleleki’s comments as just “nice English words meant to disguise the truth” adding “I don’t see such a programme being implemented at any given time by the AD”. Furthermore, Chesetsi said the decision to dissolve the youth committee was biased in Litjobo’s favour because, while the AD was a still a fairly new political outfit formed in 2016, as a splinter party of the main opposition Democratic Congress (DC) which is also a breakaway party of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), its members were no different from Litjobo because they had also dabbled in the youth committee structures as they hopped from party to party before settling in the AD.

“Like Litjobo, they have also been in the structures of the LCD, DC and now AD. It says they have a similar experience. But now it’s like the NEC is saying because Litjobo holds a senior position, they have been reduced to mere appendages,” Chesetsi said. Again, the AD’s Machache constituency secretary berated Litjobo for being a rebel who distorted Moleleki speeches, referring to the AD leader’s address of his birthday celebrations in January, where he said Lesotho’s democracy had not yet matured, hence the country needed a government of national unity (GNU).

Litjobo, however, publicly rejected the idea of Moleleki’s support of a GNU, a move which Chesetsi was indicative of an errant individual who was “law unto himself” because he moved from the youth committee of which he was part, rose above the executive committee and “distorted Ntate Moleleki’s speech”. “Despite there being the leader himself, the SG, deputy SG and other NEC members, Litjobo took it upon himself to distort Ntate Moleleki’s works and nobody took offence. That’s because Thuso always get his way and it’s been like that since before the 2017 elections,” Chesetsi said.

“Ntate Moleleki didn’t bother afterwards to clarify what he said, let alone call Litjobo to order for distorting the content of his speech. In his eyes Litjobo can never do wrong. But that’s human nature; some people you love passionately, some you hate for no reason.” Chesetsi said while he was strongly opposed to Litjobo’s behaviour, his stance should not be misconstrued to mean that he was fighting Moleleki saying “I still love and respect my leader. My only problem is that he doesn’t call Litjobo to order.

If only he could do that to save the AD”. “Ntate Moleleki needs to exercise tough love where Litjobo is concerned. I just wish the leader could be smart enough to balance affections and not be like former PM Pakalitha Mosisili, whose failure to call to order his favourites perpetuated the DC split and subsequently the collapse of his government,” Chesetsi submitted.

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