Distraught client mulls sacking Lephuthing


QACHA’S NEK – Qacha’s Nek landlord Mosimoli Manamolela is considering replacing prominent lawyer Christopher Lephuthing and reporting him to the Law Society for allegedly failing to follow up judgments in cases he had handled for her family. A frustrated Manamolela told Public Eye this week she was also contemplating suing Lephuthing for causing her emotional distress by leaving her to her own devices, prompting her to approach several judicial offices “in pursuit of the judgments”.

“Hence, Ntate Lephuthing and I must go our separate ways. He and I have to call it a day. For a long time after the case was concluded, he was ignoring my calls, treating me like I was paranoid. “He didn’t even for once stop to think of the distress he was causing me or the fear I’ve been living under. “I want to relieve Ntate Lephuthing of his duties as my lawyer. I will first report him to the law society, something which I was skeptical to do when he was its deputy-president.

“Then I want to fire him and solicit the services of a new lawyer. Trust between us has been destroyed, there’s not much that can be salvaged because I’m no longer comfortable.” Lephu t h ing yes terday reluctantly agreed to clear his name in the media saying he was sure that the law society would vindicate him because “I did everything by the book and discharged my duties

“There is no way we will allow the government to bring foreign judges to preside over our clients’ cases. We dare them to try,” Teele said this week. The lawyers’ argument that local judges are competent enough to handle the cases however drew a withering rebuke from Nqosa Mahao, brother to the tragic Lt Gen Maaparankoe Mahao who was shot and killed by fellow soldiers in June 2014 accordingly”.

“Without even influencing anybody and also the fact that she said she feared to approach the law society because I was deputypresident, that is inconsequential. She could have gone there. There’s no wrong I’ve committed and I’m sure I will be vindicated,” Lephuthing said. Manamolela is suing Qacha’s businessman Tebellong Khoromeng over commercial land in the small but fast developing highlands town. He has built a business complex, claiming to have bought the land from Mojari, Manamolela’s late father.

The case has dragged on from 2008 in the Qacha’s Nek Magistrate Court and was concluded in the High Court in April 2017, but judgments are yet to be issued by presiding judge Justice Keketso Moahloli. “Ntate Lephuthing prevented me from developing part of my land, which would have been done by my investors from Johannesburg. His argument was that we had cases pertaining to the same land pending in court. “That was despite the fact that Khoromeng added an extension to his double-story building which houses PAK supermarket. And Ntate Lephuthing did nothing, as my lawyer, to prevent him from doing so,” Manamolela said.

“Why didn’t he do anything to help me as the rightful owner of the land, but watched Tebello (Khoromeng) continue to build shops on my land, knowing fully well that he didn’t have even a single piece of paper connecting him to my land?” Lephuthing yesterday reiterated he could not force Justice Moahloli to issue the judgment. It was “sad that I’m being embarrassed for something I have no control over” adding, “it’s regrettable that I’m being fired for not issuing a judgment”.

“First of all, I must mention that it’s regrettable that I am being fired for not issuing a judgment. It is a fact that I don’t issue judgments, that they are issued by judges,” Lephuthing said. “One , as a primary consideration, on noticing that my name was being talked about over the social media with allegations that I’ve lost interest in the matter and that I didn’t pursue judgments, I followed up the matter with presiding judge Justice Keketso Moahloli.

“The worry I had was my name being mischaracterized for certain things that I’m not responsible for, over the media. So, I went there for the judge to be reminded that the judgment is long overdue and that I am having relational meltdown with my client owing to the delayed judgment, which is a year overdue.” Lephuthing confirmed he had refused to petition the Chief Justice to force Justice Moahloli to issue the judgment in question but approached the judge when he realized that Manamolela was becoming agitated the High Court file of the case might disappear as in the Qacha’s Nek Magistrate Court case.

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