Linakeng counts losses two months later


THABA-TSEKA – Every parent dreads the mere thought of losing a child especially through death so knowing one’s child should be dead without having access to the offspring’s remains is unbearable. When a public mini bus bearing 16 passengers including a newly born baby was swept away in a flooded Linakeng River on March 23, the whole country was left devastated because eight of the passengers perished in the tragedy.

The community of Linakeng, a rural settlement on the outskirts of Thaba-Tseka was hit the worst because most of the casualties in that accident were residents of that village. The bodies of five of the eight passengers who were washed away by the ferocious waters remain missing. Bodies of two females and a man have since been found. Families of the missing peopleare practically losing their minds with frustration as they are not able to give their dead relatives decent burials.

’Mabokang Marake, a mother who lost both a daughter and a grandchild is praying relentlessly for their bodies to be found. “Each and every day I pray God to help us fi nd my children’s bodies so that the family could have closure,” the 44-year-old woman said mournfully. Her world and that of her fellow residents’ came tumbling down that afternoon when the taxi was dramatically swept away by a flooded river in an unforgettable video which circulated on social media. To Marake who was expecting her married daughter Bokang and her newly born grandchild to visit the family for a while, the news was like a bad dream that she would like to wake up from.

In the end, the contest only attracted one sponsor, but Mudzimu says she hopes to one day make the event international. “This will be an annual event which will later be advanced to Miss Albinism Africa and Miss Albinism World because we want to reach all corners of the world,” she said.

In many African countries, people with albinism routinely face discrimination and persecution because of the way they look. -Maravipost/AP

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