I told you so: Mojapela


MASERU - Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) party leader Teboho Mojapela feels vindicated by ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC) Chairperson Motlohi Maliehe’s public denunciation of Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s wife, ’Maesaea, saying the outburst was “only solidifying what I have always said”.Maliehe brewed a political storm this week after he accused ’Maesaea of butting into government and party business, intimidating ministers and badgering them to hand her lucrative government jobs.

Speaking to Public Eye this week, a jovial Mojapela took credit for Maliehe’s explosive tantrum, saying the ageing leader was “merely echoing my sentiments”, adding “this is the end of the ABC”. Maliehe, who is Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture and the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) chairperson, is a founding member of the party who has been its Butha-Buthe constituency MP since its formation is 2006. Mojapela, a former ABC member and financial backer, said as far as he was concerned Maliehe’s sometimes profane diatribe was an indication that God had turned his back on the ruling party and answered his own prayers, after he was insulted and victimised, when he left the party to form his own SR in late 2017.

“The outburst coming from Maliehe vindicates me as all the accusations he hurled at Ntate Thabane and his wife have validated what I have always said.” Maliehe echoed all my sentiments from A-Z, from the moment I decided to launch a war on corruption. As a socialist, my belief has always been because the truth is resilient, it will always prevail over lies. “I told ABC supporters a long time ago to take the bull by the horns. I do feel vindicated because it’s now clear that what I have been preaching all along has not fallen on deaf ears, that it’s time to shake off the lice sullying the blanket that is the ABC.”

According to Mojapela, God was punishing Thabane who he described as ungrateful “despite me being there for the ABC through difficult times”. “I was with them throughout very trying times but they treated me like a rag. That’s when I noticed their weaknesses and knew that they were bound to fail. And I am proud that I maintained my stance since leaving them because I knew it was just a matter of time before they paid for their sins,” Mojapela submitted.

“It’s all God’s doing,heavens working in my favour. Not only am I a child of God, but I’m also a man who lives up to his promises. And in return, God has also kept each of the promises he made to me. It’s not by mistake but by God’s design that my life is the way it is.” Addressing an ABC rally in Butha-Buthe last Sunday Maliehe attacked Thabane’s wife, because of her “interventionist style” on issues of government, further alleging she intimidated cabinet ministers, referring to former Minister of Health Nyapane Kaya, whom he said was first threatened with expulsion by the First Lady “just two weeks after he was sworn in as minister”.

In a video clip circulating on social media, Maliehe says he wanted to “today share with you people of Mechachane and Botha-Bothe”, how Kaya lost his cabinet post. “Before he was fired, the PM had declared on numerous platforms that he would rid his cabinet of thieves. When Kaya was only two weeks in cabinet, he was summoned by Liabiloe who told him that his days as a minister were numbered,” Maliehe alleged.

Although Thabane has never publicly justified firing both Kaya and the former Public Works and Transport Minister Lehlohonolo Moramotse, Maliehe alleged that he (Kaya) was fired for refusing to award tenders through the ministry of health “to clean and feed at hospitals”, to ’Maesaea. “When Kaya refused to award tenders to clean hospitals and feed patients to my leader’s wife (‘Maesaea) he was fired. Kaya, who worked harder than any other minister in cabinet, was fired,” Maliehe alleged.

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