Joang mocks Machesetsa, Thesele


…but Mofomobe says he is more charismatic a crowd-puller


MASERU – The much-anticipated Basotho National Party (BNP) elective conference will be a demonstration of the depth of the loyalty of the party’s members to leader Chief Thesele Maseribane as they demonstrate whether they want the party to be led by the faction he backs or a rival clique of the party’s current deputy leader Joang Molapo.

While campaigning in the Lithoteng constituency last Sunday, Molapo said how BNP supporters will vote at the elective conference slated for November 1 to 3 will demonstrate “how they want to be led and by whom.” The fact ’Maseribane’s position was not being contested “should not make him too comfortable,” Molapo sarcastically added.

’Maseribane is serving his second term as BNP leader and his tenure of office is ending in 2021 when the party is expected to elect a new leader.

Molapo’s comments come at a time when he is fighting to retain the post of deputy leader, which party spokesperson Machesetsa Mofomobe is keen to wrestle from him.

Taking another jibe at ’Maseribane as if to mock his leadership, Molapo alleged there was corruption being committed in the party in favour of his rival Mofomobe to win elections and that it was up to ’Maseribane to decide whether the elective conference should go ahead regardless of the ‘irregularities”.

“We cannot deny the fact that a lot of corruption is being committed regarding the elections and it is up to the leader to decide whether the conference is still on or not, without forgetting the August 11 judgment,” Molapo added.

A seemingly fired up Molapo also took a swipe at his bitter rival, Mofomobe, whose voice he said was a turn-off whenever he spoke on radio and that since becoming the party’s mouth-piece, BNP numbers had declined dramatically.

“BNP deserves a listenable voice and one which exudes respect,” further said.

Contacted by Public Eye Online on Tuesday morning, Mofomobe said he was surprised that Molapo was attacking him because the executive had resolved that “the executive and members of the party are supposed to work collectively as a team for the growth of BNP”.

“My rallies are more successful when compared the ones for the deputy leader. That is because I am easy to approach and know exactly what my fellow members need, unlike him who does not connect with the people,” Mofomobe said.   




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