Over 80 journalists join CIPCC exchange programme in China


Media practitioners from around the world attending CIPCC exchange program


BEIJING – Over 80 media practitioners from 69 countries around the world, including Lesotho, are joining the second round of the China International Press Communication Centre (CIPCC) 2023 exchange program that kicked off on Monday this week.

The 4-month exchange program will allow 81 participants from 69 countries across Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe to attend and cover major domestic and diplomatic activities in China, such as the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation and the 2023 China International Import Expo to be held in Shanghai later in the year.

The International Press Communication Centre is a program that invites media practitioners from around the world to Beijing for press training, to exchange cultural experiences, and to adequately report on China’s affairs.

Shen Xiaochang, director of the China-Asia & Pacific Press Centre,  said all journalists will participate in all aspects of the exchange program, which include holding interviews on major activities, attending lectures and training, experiencing Chinese culture, visiting Beijing and outside of Beijing, and participating in internship programs at local media houses.

“This is a very memorable and important occasion in China. We hope that you will get to know China better through the program that you are attending,” CIPCC director Yu Lei said in welcoming journalists.

This week participants will be introduced to Chinese Calligraphy as part of experiencing culture, visit the Huawei Convention and Exhibition Centre in Beijing, visit the Yeyahu National Wetland Park, Lipao village, and Badaling Great Wall as well as attend the Yunnan Wenshan Ethnic Group Concert on Sunday evening.

All participants were urged to abide by Chinese laws and regulations, respect the professional ethics of journalism, respect the CIPCC, and also abide by China’s epidemic prevention policies.

African journalist at the opening ceremony of the CIPCC exchange program

Yu Lei assured that China and Africa will always be a community of shared futures, developing solidarity and cooperation. African nations are the basis of China’s Foreign policy, which is hinged on Building a stronger China-Africa community and building a community of shared future, mutual understanding, expanding economic cooperation, encouraging cultural exchanges, and maintaining China-Africa relations at a greater level.

The exchange program is headed by the China Public Diplomacy Association under the CIPCC. The CIPCC was established in 2014 to improve the friendship between China and developing countries and to build a platform for media personnel from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to observe, understand, and study China.

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