Businessman dumps rotten meat on the streets



Maseru – A known local businessman yesterday offloaded a truckload of spoiled meat on the streets at Ha Matala. Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Maile Masoebe, has told Public Eye that he has ordered the businessman to ensure the dumped meat is removed. Masoebe added that on Monday next week his trading license will be revoked as he has failed to comply with some of the regulations that he is well aware of.

“What is worse about this situation is that some people have been seen taking the decayed meat to go and eat”, he said expressing concerns over the health of Ha Matala villagers. Villagers said the pungent smell from the spoiled meat alone poses a health risk, especially to the young and elderly in the vicinity.

“Our kids are out in the streets playing and we fear they might inhale or even eat that rotten meat.”

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