Fashion Grill a remarkable feat


MASERU – Mr CEO, the local popular clothing guru hosted a Fashion Grill for his clients and the entire nation in a show of their different clothing styles on April 20. The famous clothing guru was born Tsepang Moiloa.

Although the weather was quiet chilly, fans showed up glammed in various styles and rocked the red carpet. None worried about the wet day or muddy grounds ruining their heels. The expectation was to see people in modern times, Afro jazz, traditional and even goofy street wear.

Although most people shied away because this was an entirely new vibe, the after the event mood saw more longing for it and Mr CEO has promised to make it clear that Lesotho is ready to make its mark. “Honestly when I started off I had no idea that one day I would grow big enough to a point where I’d find myself hosting events sought after.

“I’m saying this because for a very long time street hustle was one of the things looked down on and so for some time I thought it will be just my random way of getting by each day but it wasn’t long until God turned things around and showed me just how great he is through all things,” Mr CEO remarked.

“So I later realized that my clients love my style to a point where some get confused because unlike most of them I am flavorful – today I’m like this the next day I’m totally different. So the Fashion Grill was birthed to create platform for everyone to be themselves, not necessarily in heels, suites and ties as many people thought, whatever image or signature style was welcome, he continued”.

“Seeing everyone in that ugly weather humbled me and inspired me to do more. After witnessing such love I’m definitely not backing down. One other thing that got me in tears was seeing my parents at the event it meant a lot because for the first time in my life I finally did something that had my parents show me support and tell me ‘they raised a man and so congratulations,” Mr CEO said. He added to say that although he never got a chance to further his studies, he was one hard working student for the duration he lasted but there was never a time his parents praised him. He therefore says finally seeing them show support totally gives him the extra drive to push harder.

This humble soul says his heart longs to see his fellow youth find their passion because the situation in our country is getting worse and depressing each time. “One thing I have learnt so far in life is that nothing is permanent, not success nor poverty. Our hard work plays a huge role determining our destiny. So I urge and encourage everyone out there to get up and do the most. Today you might be poor but a better tomorrow is guaranteed if we work hard to change our future,” Mr CEO’s concluded.

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