Kopper puts music aside, looks ahead



MASERU – Penya Play artiste Kopper Waleh is taking a break from music to ‘pursue other ventures’, the 23-year-old Katlehong-based artiste disclosed in an exclusive interview with Public Eye this week.

Kopper emphasises that he is not leaving the music industry but rather putting it on hold until he decides otherwise.

“I have not left the music industry; I have given it a short break to focus on my other talents. Being a rapper does not really work on its own; one has to have a multifunctional mind in the entertainment industry. You have to push and explore other talents that make you a true artiste so for me being a rapper, an MC and a brand influencer works perfectly. It is a fit parcel as they all complement each other,” he says.

Kopper was featured in a hit song ‘Skupu’ that trended the whole of 2019’s festive.

Other artistes on the song include the legendary Puseletso Seema, Penya Play pioneer Megahertz, Malome Vector and Juvenile.

Kopper’s verse on the song was one of the most loved. He therefore assures his fans that his comeback will be massive as he ‘will have cooked a storm’.

He also gained popularity after the release of a short promotional video of Megahertz’s album.

The video showed a weather forecast where Kopper was the anchor.

The video went so viral that it even caught the attention of South Africa’ artistes and celebrities.

Born Kopano Mphutlane, Kopper is a “self-made” model as the talent came naturally to him for he has not undergone any formal training in the trade.

He indicates that the spotlight that came with the music fame really came in handy as far as pushing his other endeavours is concerned.

He indicates, “I am so good with modelling and advertising brands that it actually upsets me that I did not start sooner”.

He further explains that his work as an Influencer is to be other people’s inspiration. Being a Brand Influencer that he is, he ensures that he pushes his clients’ brand, and gives it all the necessary exposure.

“For example I work with a fashion mogul Mr CEO. I also work with one of the best barber’s in town ( Barbara Di) and I recently partnered with Blankslide concepts. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a positive response I have had from being a brand influencer in such a short period of time,” he reveals.

Kopper’s other greatest achievement include having shared a stage with famous and multi-award winning South African Cassper Nyovest as well as American rapper Wale. This greatest experience happened at Thaba Nchu at an event called ‘We back home’.

Kopper deems the experience his greatest because he says he has always looked up to Cassper’s hustle and dedication to his craft.

He further discloses that he is currently in talks with one of the biggest modelling agencies in South Africa but would like the agency’s name to remain confidential for now as he says he does not want to count chicks before his eggs hatch.

Kopper has a special bond with the Penya Play founder, Megahertz, now popularly known as Ntate Stunna. This he says is because ntate Stunna was his music mentor until the mentorship blossomed into friendship.

The Katlehong-based rapper says he looks up to himself because he inspires himself for change every day. He says he grinds to be better than he was yesterday and the person he was a year ago is not who he is today.


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