Matekane wins Forbes award


MASERU – Famous local businessman, Sam Matekane, has won the FORBES BEST OF AFRICA AWARD following his sterling and pacesetting achievements that elevated him from being not just a businessman but one of the biggest philanthropists in Africa. The recognition is under the auspices of Foreign Investment Network (FIN) in partnership with Forbes Best of Africa for leading persons in business, politics, innovation, leadership and the economy in Africa for honour and celebration.

A major highlight of the event is celebration of important personalities who have, and continue to have significant influence on the business, political, leadership and economic landscape of Africa. Among the recipients are Kwame Bediako (Ghana), Mahmood Ahmadu (Nigeria) and Leo Stan Ekeh (Nigeria).

Other awardees include Wendy Ackerman (South Africa), Dr Rajan Mahtani (Zambia), Ken Sharpe (Zimbabwe), Claver Gatete (Rwanda) and Reverend Paul Adefarasin (Nigeria). For this and other landmark achievements which he has recorded through his enviable career, Matekane’s nomination was approved by Forbes Custom’s Awards Committee.

“This certificate is bestowed upon Mr Sam Matekane, Chairman, Matekane Group of Companies, Lesotho. Best of Africa leading entrepreneur of the year 2021,” the Forbes certificate of distinction reads.

Matekane Group of Companies (MGC) Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing Mamotake Matekane described the achievement as humbling and inspiring. “It means so much because for many years Ntate Sam has worked so hard working in a very selfless manner. The only thing that he ever wanted was to change lives of the people making sure that there is food on people’s tables as well as making sure that our economy becomes better than what it is today.

“And I think he has proven that even during the Covid-19 pandemic where most people would want to keep reserves for themselves and family he has not done that. He has shown his big heart by pushing through even in tough times,” Matekane told this paper on Wednesday this week.

She added that it means a lot for the world to recognise that all those efforts were selfless and purely from his heart. “All he wanted was to make a difference and I think he has made a difference in so many people’s lives and the country. For us to walk the same corridors with him and to be working with him on a daily basis and see him remain humble but so brave is just humbling.

“He works hard every day. He does not back down from doing things himself and he does not lead by pointing people out. He would rather demonstrate how he wants things to be done,” she added. In 2019, Matekane was awarded certificate of honor by the Canada-Africa Chamber of Business.

The iconic businessman who is highly valued across all corners of the country and across the continent. He was honored for his philanthropic contribution to the welfare of the Basotho nation and his endless efforts through corporate social responsibility.

MGC has done a lot of work in giving back to the community in recent years. Earlier in 2019, the Matekane Group of Companies (MGC) unveiled a sports complex in Mantšonyane as part of the Mantšonyane project which started back in 2013. This, the MGC has done as part of its social responsibility efforts.

Under the project, MGC has managed to build a primary school, secondary school, an auditorium hall, a priest’s house as well as a church among other things. The project, valued at over M80 million, has since created hundreds of job opportunities for the community of Mants’onyane and the surrounding areas.

Matekane Group of Companies was established in 1986 as Matekane Transport and Plant Hire. The company has evolved into a multi-sector corporation embodying aviation, property development, mining and farming.

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