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Poet Mora-Mobu finds his sound


MASERU – After a 13 year journey of words, melodies, phrases and chants that made him one of the country’s poetry heartbeats, Thabo Marebole has finally found his sound – releasing his latest single ‘Mountains with voices.’

He says this feat has allowed him to transcend into the musical feeling of the spoken art.

As the art cover for his song says, “this feels like a home-coming, running into warm open arms of the musical part of an art walk that began in 2007.”

He acknowledges he has always had music in him; having been a member of a ‘famo’ group at the age of six all that what was left for him to free the sound to take him home.

‘Mountains with voices’ is a poem initially written for the Lentsoe Poetry Slam, but the reception from audiences every time he recited it sparked conversations around a musical interpretation of the piece.

It celebrates all artists, from those who pioneered the creative industry to those that are currently carrying on the legacy.

Thabo, also known as Mora-Mobu, says “this is a gift to everyone that stood by me throughout my journey in poetry and art.”

The artist is a part of the Petsoa Majoeng Art and Entertainment movement that hosts local poets and musicians.

He has also held his series of poetry sessions – also hosting local acts.

He has his renditions hinged on the art, music and chants found in ‘Sakana la nkope’ and has never been left behind in any PMAE festivities.

Mora-Mobu’s single is found on digital stores, music box and sound at the moment.

PMAE founder, Nthare Makoae, says “We are currently working on singles to create momentum and probably in the future we will resort to some sort of compilation or album.”

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