Sesiu secures more Covid-19 vaccines


Maseru – SESIU SA LETSOE`LE BETA POHO has announced it has secured AstraZeneca and Mordena vaccines for Basotho to boost the Government’s vaccination programme against Covid-19.

Sesiu announced in a letter that it has managed to source available AstraZeneca vaccines. It has also provisionally secured Mordena, subject to the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the end of the United States of America’s embargo on exportation of vaccines.

Up to 200 000 doses will be delivered immediately as soon as the Government of Lesotho gives such authority as required.

Sesiu has urged Basotho to play their role in saving more lives by contributing towards a M100 million target by June 2021 with the hope to have fully vaccinated Lesotho by end of 2021. 


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