Woman sexually assaults female drinking mate


MASERU – A woman from Ha Bua-Sono in Berea, accused of sexually assaulting her female drinking mate by forcibly inserting part of her hand into the victim’s genitals, is scheduled to appear before the Maseru Magistrate’s Court on June 18.

’Maretšepile Lerato Mademane made her initial court appearance on June 5 and was granted release on a M600 bail deposit, which she failed to pay. She is currently in custody, awaiting her next court appearance.

During her appearance last week before Magistrate Rantšo and Prosecutor Rabale, Mademane, 42, did not enter a plea. She was conditionally released with the order that she attends all bail hearings, refrains from interfering with Crown witnesses, and remains present for the duration of the trial.

This decision was reached despite objections from the complainant regarding the bail application, expressing concerns that the accused may pose a risk of reoffending against either her or another victim.

Evidence before court shows that on February 15 in Borokhoaneng, Maseru, Mademane visited the victim’s residence as usual, where they drunk alcohol, prepared and shared a meal together.

Subsequently, Mademane allegedly proposed to sleep with the victim, and in a state of inebriation, began undressing the other woman.

It is alleged that Mademane forcefully inserted her hand into the complainant’s genitals, prompting the victim to flee and seek assistance. Upon arrival, a neighbor discovered the suspect naked on the couch leading to the accused’s eventual arrest.