Massive taxi strike looming


Sekhonyana Theko

MASERU – Taxi operators in Maseru will go on strike on March 3 to demand police action on pirate taxis and to pressure government to review fares.

Maseru Region Transport Operators (MRTO) secretary general Bataung Thulo told reporters yesterday the drivers will block taxi ranks used by pirate taxis to paralyse the city.

This they hope will draw government’s attention to their grievances and force it to act, Thulo said.

The operators said they have written to the board of taxi associations demanding that new fares be introduced by April 1.

Taxi operators said despite a concerted drive involving several government departments to remove the pirate taxis off the road, the unregistered operators continued to ply city routes unhindered.

Furthermore, Thulo accused police officers of owning some of the pirate taxis.

“Some of these pirate taxis are owned by the police officers and military officers whom we are afraid of.”



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