Taxi industry protest: Maseru North, East routes calm



MASERU- Tuesday will go down as one of the worst days for commuters around the Maseru city as many had walk to their different destinations, however, taxi routes in the North and East of the capital remain free of violence while taxi traffic has been stopped by operators.

The situation is likely to persist for several days while the protest that is planned to stretch for the entire week drag; taxi operators demand government to act on a huge influx of pirate taxis that they say has throttled their business.

While no violence has been recorded in the East and North, taxi routes in the region are closed, there is totally no movement of minibus taxis, 4+1 minicabs as well as the notorious pirate taxis.

Taxi owners representing the Sefikeng to Maser routes are stationed at Ha Tšosane near the dumpsite from where are monitoring the situation, and to ensure that no taxi undermines their intended goals of the protest.

Up the Lancer’s Gap road to the top at Sehlabeng sa Thuathe, some shops were closed this morning while a number of taxis were seen parked at home; scores of people, including men in suits and their spouses were seen walking to work in the early hours of the day.

At around 11:00am, however, a number of 4+1 taxis were observed around Ha Tšosane area seeking to deliver commuters to town.

Some of the people who were walking to work told this reporter that “while the situation is potentially volatile, it feels good to walk.”


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