Basitang considers NUL Spears stay



MASERU – NUL rugby coach, Alecs Basitang says he is open for talks and a renewal of his contract with the National University of Lesotho (NUL) rugby Spears Club. Basitang’s 5-year contract with Spears comes to an end in January next year, and he said he has no problem with continuing to lead the team in future if management is willing to continue with his engagement.

Basitang joined Spears in 2016 from the University of Botswana (UB) Rhinos where he was a coach, but his relationship with Spears began in 2014 during the Intervarsity Games which were held in Botswana.         “My contract will expire on January 7, meaning I am still around and also I am working well with the NUL Spears,” said Basitang in an interview with Public Eye on Wednesday. “I don’t have a problem with NUL Spears looking at the progress we have made thus far, and I am looking forward to determining how far we can if they are willing to sign me again,” the coach said.

He further indicated: “But I really don’t have any problem taking to the field with this outfit again, I am just flexible. We have a very tight looking relationship and so far I don’t have any problem with them and they don’t have a problem with me.” Basitang’ successes and achievements with Spears in the past four years have seen him improve the team’s performance, with notable showings at the Intervarsity Games, among many. Spears are no longer the whipping boys in the competition like it was the case before his arrival.

“In short, when looking at our Intervarsity Games’ performances you will notice that it has very much improved as compared to the previous years where Botswana and eSwatini teams used to beat us, as we speak each of those countries know that it is a tight game whenever they face the NUL Spears. They know that they might lose or win…not like before when we were walkovers,” he said. Talking about Lesotho rugby in general, Basitang said the standard is improving and the future looks bright.

“When we talk about the Lesotho league in general we are way more advanced in terms of training, practices and in terms of game performance. It is just that there are minor errors which players make on the ground, which I think if they give themselves some time to work on them they can go far in terms of rugby,” he said. Among other strides, Basitang noted with delight the contribution he has made in the development of rugby in Lesotho so far.

“I arrived here with no ladies’ rugby being played in Lesotho and then I pushed the element of ladies participation in playing competitive rugby. Even at the university (NUL) there was no ladies team and it was something that it was new to them, not even thinking that something like that will happen,” he pointed out. Basitang further said: “And in terms of development, we are as we speak going smoothly to an extent that we have an extra team that popped up this year – Roma Kings.

“So indeed the development is so far so good,” he said. During his playing time, Basitang played for UB Rhinos and Sharks Rugby Club in Botswana, Panthers of Zimbabwe and Red Arrows of Zambia. Teams he has led as a coach back in Botswana include the Under-19 Botswana Rugby National Team, the Botswana Ladies National Team, Orapa Diggers, Jwaneng Rugby Club and Maun Doggs.

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