Mohahlaula Airline Partners sphere to distribute Covid-19 vaccine



Maseru – Local Mohahlaula Airline has announced that it will collaborate with a South African carbon dioxide (CO2) refrigeration system provider, Sphere, to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to protect communities in the Southern Africa.

In a statement, the two entities will be working together to develop an appropriate distribution strategy that will ensure that vaccines are safely and efficiently distributed using cold chain turnkey logistical solutions.

The first consignment will be distributed in Lesotho by COVAX in April 2021, the statement states.

“Our partnership seeks to create value by ensuring efficient and effective COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Southern Africa. The first phase of our collaboration will be rolled out in Lesotho from Moshoeshoe 1 International Airport, Mohahlaula Airline’s home base,” said Mohahlaula Airlines CEO, Phafane Nkotsi.

He further indicated that Moshoeshoe 1 International Airport will act as trans-shipment centre for the COVID-19 vaccine for onward distribution to Lesotho’s highlands and other hard-to-reach health centres.

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