Local coffin makers urge govt to promote them



Maseru – Following reports of local funeral homes experiencing huge influx of dead bodies due to COVID-19, there have been reports that coffins running out at mortuaries as well.

However, local small time coffin makers say they have not experienced any pressure on their production. They urged popular funeral homes to buy their products to help mitigate the problem.

“The industry is experiencing immense pressure because people are dying all around the world but we are here and we can help local parlours by making affordable coffins for their clients,” said Mohale Ralitlemo who has been in the coffin making business for over a decade.

He also urged the government to assist them with material for production of decent, standard coffins.

“This would be an opportunity for us to grow in the industry and if government invests in our projects, the country would never have to import coffins anymore,” he stated.

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