UNFPA hands over dignity kits


’Mabeleme Mokete 

Maseru – UNFPA yesterday handed over sanitary pads or “dignity kits” to the minister in the Prime minister’s office responsible for DMA, Hon. Kemiso Mosenene.

UNFPA Representative to Lesotho, Dr. Marc Derveeuw, said the kits are called dignity kits because they are designed locally to help restore the dignity of women, particularly in emergency situations in order to assist women when they are in distress, when they are victims of particular disasters. UNFPA handed over 900 kits to DMA today.

“Supporting women’s self esteem and confidence also assists them in providing care and protection to their children but it is of great importance to mention that these dignity kits will help our girls in insuring their concentration and confidence in schools are improved,” Hon. Kemiso Mosenene said.

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