Doctors share pain of fighting Covid-19



Maseru-Ntlafatso foundation celebrated National Doctors’ Day last Friday in Quthing district to celebrate medical doctors in the country, especially for their contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on July 1. This year the day was celebrated with a theme, Save The Saviours, to commemorate and express condolences to the doctors lost to Covid-19.

Founder and chairperson of the foundation, Relebohile Lefojane, highlighted that their purpose for the celebration was to engage doctors on their psychosocial experiences. It gives them the opportunity to explain how they have been managing to work as front liners while giving them a platform to encourage fellow doctors and the public.

Dr Hugus Makanda who is a medical officer based at Motebang Hospital said for the 11 years that he has been working within the medical field, Covid-19 has been the biggest and most demanding challenge.

“We have dealt with some outbreaks and epidemics like chicken pox and even diarrhoea in schools and factories before and I personally had not experienced something like this so it has not been easy working under such conditions but we had to work hard and save the lives of Basotho,” he said adding that there were challenges as there was dire lack of resources for infection and prevention control.

One Dr Molibeli Makhoathi, who is also a practising in Lesotho and is part of the foundation’s executive committee, acknowledged that there still a lot of challenges in managing the virus and related issues. He added all necessary precaution should continue in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

Dr Makhoathi further indicated that the situation is hostile and even dangerous for front-liners. “The situation can drain you emotionally and psychologically because you are worried of the risks of infecting people closer to you, your family and friends,” he said.

However, he stated that it is his responsibility as a doctor to save lives, further expressing his appreciation to all medical personnel for their efforts in fighting Covid-19.

“To everyone working in the healthcare or hospital setting, your efforts are much appreciated. You are all heroes in our eyes, your work and dedication motivates me every day to keep fighting and doing our best to fight for Basotho against Covid-19,” he added.






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