Leave office in 5 days: youth group tells Tampane



Maseru- Members of the #BachaShutDown movement released a statement yesterday seeking the ouster of Minister of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation, Likeleli Tampane and stating why they want her to leave office. According to the letter, Tampane is not fit to hold the office as a Minister that deals with issues concerning young people.

“…it is more than nine months since we tabled our grievances before your office but you failed to heed to any of them”, the letter read.

The youths accuse the minister of failing to heed to their demands that they made on July 1, 2021 which included that 50 jobs be created for the youth to work in preparation for the Region 5 Games from August 2021. They also demanded solid evidence that the Ministry of Gender is operating on 0% budget and a presentation of strategies that the Ministry has in place to address youth unemployment.

The youth said, to their disappointment, an informal notice was issued to their attention that the ministry shall not employ youth for the Region 5 Games preparations as the duties shall be performed by the Ministry’s officials, adding that the ministry provides graduates with internships through the National Volunteer Corps (NVC) that the youth say absorbs less than one percent of the graduates per year. They want Tampane to leave office within five working days.

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