NUL lecturer accused of sexual harassment




Maseru- National University of Lesotho’s Student Representative Council (SRC) President, Tumo Tsanyane, earlier today made serious allegations of sexual harassment against an unnamed lecturer.  The allegations were made in a post on social media.

The SRC Official News Platform Facebook Page confirmed the office had received shocking news that an unnamed lecturer had asked a male student to perform oral sex (a blowjob) in order for him to return his results slip.

In the post Tsanyane said that they are not only shocked about the matter but they are following all routes to justice to ensure that such a student gets justice for all the depressing situations he went through.

“We are not going to stop until we have established all facts. This allegation must be known to the public and the law says everyone is innocent until proven guilty but this one we are taking it on and I know the mandate of our people on this one that if it is indeed true SUCH AN ACCUSED MUST GO!” he said.

In a phone call interview with SRC President Tsanyane, he said he was not in a good space to talk about the matter at the moment because it is still under investigations. “The matter is still under investigations, we will make an official statement the moment everything is done,” he said.

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