Matekane launches new company



MASERU – Renowned businessman and owner of Matekane Group of Companies (MGC), Sam Matekane, has launched a new company known as Organic Global Brands. Launched on Thursday this week, the company will provide pharmaceutical phytomedicines, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals that will be made in Lesotho using organic materials sourced in the country, harvested and cultivated by Basotho for the good of Basotho and all mankind.

The new business is based on belief in reducing the amount of artificial chemicals that people put in their bodies and on their skins, thereby increasing the amount of goodness from nature in everyday lives. “Years ago when I started Verve Dynamics Incorporated in Bela-Bela, I had a hope and a dream that we could begin to enhance the wellness of our people by capitalising on the gift of life in the form of the soil and the plant life it yields.

“Cannabis was only the beginning of this dream but with the arrival of the pandemic, I realised that we should promote and enable Basotho to fully appreciate and enjoy this precious gift called life,” Matekane said at the launch. He continued: “I realised that as Africans, we must do our level best to raise the bar and strive to get our people to a point where they can truly value and enjoy the precious gift of life regardless of their material situation. Health and wellness are the fuel of a well lived life.”

He added that he decided to start a business that will directly and indirectly improve the lives of Basotho, Africans and the world at large. This is a business that is rooted in the soil, that believes in sustainability of the planet. “Organica will give you nature in a bottle. Be it medicines, health supplements, skin and hair care products. It has the capacity to meet the needs of the people and we are hopeful that we can meet the needs of the world.

“Our first product meets a dire need that has afflicted the entire globe by providing symptomatic relief to respiratory infections and illnesses as well as boosting the body’s immune resistance and response. “Made with Artemisa (Lengana) and other indigenous plant life, the COVICARE range will safeguard and help us deal with the harsh effects of respiratory illness and infection and create job opportunities for Basotho,” he continued.

“We are in the final stages of product finalisation and I would like to thank, especially the Ministry of Health for helping us to get this revolutionary product over the line,” Matekane added. A similar launch will be staged at the Dubai 2021 Expo where Matekane will be introducing Organica Global and COVICARE to the world. He indicated that the company has a broader vision to shine a light on the opportunity that lies in the country in the hope of boosting and accelerating economic growth.

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