Leteka defends golf Monthly Mug title    



MASERU – Masuhla Leteka sealed his second Monthly Mug victory in a row since the beginning of the new year after shooting 73 at the Maseru Golf Club last Sunday. Leteka beat 33 other golfers who were eyeing the February Mug title; he bagged the January title with 69 net score. The former Maseru Golf Club captain said bad playing conditions contributed negatively to his February Monthly Mug performance, compared to his January winning net score.

“I played 69 last time and my runner-up played 73 – which was a small margin; and this time around I have played 73 because of the condition of the course,” said Leteka in a post-tournament interview with Public Eye last Sunday. “The course is very tough to play at because of the recent rains which saw us failing to cut turf grass, especially on the fairways.” Leteka further said: “Despite that, today I have played 73 and my runner-up played 77, meaning I have still maintained a four shot margin.”

He also said: “I am hoping that it would stop raining so that we could be able to cut the grass because many people cannot play on the fairways, and it becomes very difficult when you play on the rough (where there is no grass).” Leteka, who said he is enjoying the ride, said cutting the grass would be crucial for a lot of golfers who are used to playing on the fairways like him. “I am used to playing on the fairways because there you have an advantage of putting the ball the way you want it while you cannot do the same on the rough.”

Apart from that, Leteka said the Monthly Mug competitions were always tough. “Of course it was tough (the February Monthly Mug), with golfers like Seturumane and many others who always put up a good performance. But it also goes with a combination of a little bit of skill and luck. So, normally when I am going to play I come with a game plan to win, and I suppose everyone does the same.”

Leteka further said: “I was defending and I have done that successfully, and I am hoping to continue with the winning streak.” The two consecutive Monthly Mug triumphs came after Leteka experienced a tough going in the past years. “Normally I used to win twice a year in competitions like this but in 2020 and 2021 it was very tough on my side, and I don’t know why. But I started the 2022 on a high note, winning on January and February.”

The February Monthly Mug runner up was Dr Kelello Lerotholi with 77 net score, with Khotso Mothebesoane, Realeboha Rakubuoa and Julia Seturumane finishing on third, fourth and fifth positions respectively, all with 81 net score. The Monthly Mug golf competitions take place on the first Sunday of every month; from January to December. It is the main golf tournament for the Maseru Golf Club.

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