Botho University SRC inaugurated



MASERU – Botho University’s incoming 2022 Student Representative Council (SRC) was inaugurated during an event that was held at its Maseru campus this week, where 11 members of the council took oath before the university’s student union.

The SRC government is made of Tšepo Tšoane – President, Phuthang Mohlakoane – Vice President, Bongane Debese -Secretary General, Motseki Jane – Minister of Finance, Teboho Machaha – Minister of Public Relations, Paramente Makubata -Minister of Culture, Sports and Recreation, Chonesa Jane -Minister of Entertainment, Tankiso Ramaoto – Minister of Academics, Katleho Thabana – Minister of Gender and Social Welfare, Lethaha Nyai – Minister of Justice and Infrastructure as well as Tlalane Nteso who is the Administrative Secretary.

Taking the oath of service, the eleven ministers swore to diligently execute their appointed offices, to work faithfully to promote harmony and success within Botho University, to uphold, promote and support the ideas, activities and the constitution of the SRC. The ministers further assured to serve as positive role models, leaders and voices for the student population of the Botho University, and further obey those whom their obedience is required and rise above all forms of social, religious and political fanaticism.

The oath ceremony was graced by award-winning musician, the only international student to have served in the Vaal University of Technology SRC during his academic days Selimo Thabane. “If your education does not have your identity, what does it have?” Thabane questioned the new leaders before narrating the story of his academic life before venturing into music. He further encouraged the new governance body to be radical and disciplined as they are the vanguards of the students.

“Your job is to push for policies that are student biased and push the management to meet your needs,” he said, further emphasising that this generation is born in a self-made poor country as it is led by poor leadership, saying ‘our problems begin at this level of leadership’. “If you are a corrupt SRC, you become poor future leaders. It is upon you to change the lives of the students. You will then join politics with clear understanding of economics. Practice economical politics not politics of greed,” he continued.

Thabane concluded by encouraging the ministers to take this opportunity to find their identity and merge it with education so as to manoeuvre through life, whether one chooses to be employed or an entrepreneur. Opening the ceremony, the Dean and Head of the campus, Dr Abhishek Ranjan, encouraged the students and new SRC members to learn and earn their skills with integrity as unfortunately Lesotho is a hard place to earn money equal to one’s value.

“I wish you all the best in your one year in office. The management will ensure that you get all the facilities you need to fulfil your responsibilities,” Dr Ranjan said. In his remarks, the outgoing Vice President, Hlokomelang Koetje, expressed his gratitude to the management and the student union for believing in them to lead, and supporting them with resources that helps their performance and completing their duties at their level best, as well as ensuring the harmony and stability within the school.

“Built your future with this opportunity and know what your followers want. And learn from your mistakes and acquire conflict resolutions skills as well as problem solving. Make every moment count because time flies,” Koetje encouraged the new government. He closed his speech with a quote: “A great leader is one who becomes what their followers need.” Botho University was established in 1997 and has rapidly evolved over the years to become a leading multidisciplinary high-quality tertiary education provider; the university aspires to be an integral player in building an economically diversified, fast growing, and prosperous Lesotho, built on integrity, excellence, inclusiveness and financial viability.

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