Machabeng College honours best performers




MASERU – Machabeng College this week awarded prizes to over 60 students for best performance, as the school’s academic year draws to a close. The ceremony was held at the ’Manthabiseng Convention Centre, in Maseru and recognised as an event that encourages students to achieve milestones in their lives. Winners from different classes received certificates, trophies and medals in both academic and extra-curricular activities. On behalf of the UN Lesotho’s strategic development advisor in the office of the resident coordinator, Constance Ateka noted that the event marked the end of a long, hard working, difficult, confusing but exciting academic year.

“This day is a special day and contains some excitement to our teachers and students; all the hard work students put in their work will be rewarded today and without teachers’ effort we would not be celebrating today,” she said. Chairperson of the school’s board of governors, Keratile Thabana, expressed her gratitude and said hard work is self -explanatory and that not everybody is a winner because hard work is boring since it requires dedication, motivation to be able to do the work which has brought them together to celebrate the awards ceremony.

“Self-motivation has brought us together today where we are going to award our wonderful students. To all other students who will not get awards today do not lose hope and faith, victory and excellence are not born in a classroom but you as the student have to create them during practice. Congratulations to our winners today.” James Kamau, headmaster at Machabeng College said the last two years were a bit tough because they did not celebrate due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have gathered here to give our big hand for those who are showing progress in both academic and extra curriculum activities and to those who have not gotten an award today never give up you time is coming,” he said. “Adapting to a new situation is a skill that is not acquired overnight. I want you to applaud you for reaching here, finishing a race; whether is first or last should still be commemorated. To those who experienced challenges in this academic year just refresh and see how to conquer them in the next academic year,” said Ryan Marialle on behalf of the students’ representative and winners.

Head prefect, Poloko Hlalele, said they are here to mark the end of the academic year, even though covid disrupted their examinations forcing them to close for an early mid-term break, they made it to this date and they look forward to the future and the next academic year with hope. Machabeng College is an international school based in Lesotho that is committed to providing an internationally recognised pre university education and access to a modern international curriculum, while also bringing up-to-date educational resources for the local community.


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