Phasumane finds new home



MASERU – Former Bantu Communications and Marketing Manager (CMM), Bokang Phasumane, has joined Linare. Phasumane was appointed to this new position by Linare president, Refiloe Martin, last Sunday at the club’s annual general meeting which was also supposed to elect a new executive committee. The meeting suspended the constitutional clause relating to the election of the executive committee, and bestowed on Martin as president the power to choose people who he was comfortable to work with to advance the club’s interests.

“Some decisions were made during today’s meeting and the main one was to suspend a constitutional section concerning the election of the committee for a year with the president being given the authority to choose people he would like to work with in the administration of the club,” reads a statement issued by Linare following the Sunday gathering. The statement continues: “Acting according to the decision of the conference, I have found it necessary to immediately appoint the club’s new CMM and I have chosen Mr Bokang Phasumane to the position of the spokesperson of Linare Football Club starting today, July 3, 2022.”

Phasumane, who is also a former FC Likhopo and Sandawana FC CMM, confirmed the appointment at the beginning of this week. “Yes, I have been appointed Linare’s new CMM after yesterday’s AGM by the club’s president,” said Phasumane in an interview with Public Eye on Monday this week. These developments follow Phasumane’s failure to retain his position at Bantu during the Mafeteng club’s elective conference held last month, which saw Pule Mosoatsi being elected the former champions’ new spokesperson.

However, speaking to Public Eye Phasumane revealed that he had already been approached by Linare’s management for engagement ahead of the Sunday appointment, indicating that his heart was no longer with Bantu. “Linare’s management approached me while still serving at Bantu, and I was no longer interested in continuing as their spokesperson when the club went to last month’s elective conference.” Phasumane had, however, thrown his name in the hat for election to the spokesperson’s position.

He claims he contested only because he did not want to disappoint some of Bantu FC supporters who still wanted him to be the club’s spokesperson. “It was because I was nominated for the CMM’s post by some of Bantu’ supporters and I did not want to disappoint them, but like I said I was no longer interested.” Phasumane served as Bantu’s CMM in this three-year stint, having previously held the same position for five years.

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