Likotsi to carry Phori for second coming



 MASERU – Candid All Basotho Convention(ABC) deputy chairman and former minister, Chalane Phori, made inroads into the new Likotsi constituency – weighing his prospects of success to return as Likotsi’s Member of Parliament after the October national elections.

The ABC held a rally at Ha Ramatsa, in Likotsi, on Sunday where Phori said the party was solely intent on stirring downtrodden members who had visibly given up on the party, as well as offering hope to those who have remained loyal as polls approach.

Phori said whoever will emerge victorious as a representative of the constituency from the ABC ranks will toe the line and heed party leader Nkaku Kabi’s instruction to abide by the agreed party line and not act according to their whims.

In an interview with Public Eye, he said that he was pleased as a politician he might be on the verge of leading and would soon be representing the new constituency after elections.

“I am here today to weigh up my power and influence, to gauge if the ABC has enough following to win this constituency. I am not as yet the chosen candidate to contest for elections under the ABC banner as the circular calling for commencement of that process has not been released.

“Once that has been issued ABC the members will decide if they still want me to contest or not,” Phori said. Addressing the converged stalwarts and tapping into the ABC manifesto Phori said the party has a plan to assist people in terms of alleviating poverty and crime.



The former small business development minister indicated now that the country is headed for elections, the ABC is promising voters commitment to ensure the quality of the country’s education – one that answers the needs of the country and its people. He said the ABC has in place plans to set up vocational schools where educational background should not impede entry; where learners can be admitted even with their Standard 7 certificates.

“You will be admitted and learn about steel works, carpentry and ceiling designs,” he said. Phosi added that the ABC has committed to establishing vocational schools in every district of the country “so that one should not be forced to move from Mokhotlong to come to Maseru for education.”

“For degree holders, we will improve by creating agriculture-related jobs because Lesotho has fertile soil and abundant water for successful agricultural programmes. “Also daily needs mostly need agriculture and this can benefit the degree holders struggling to find employment,” he continued.



The ABC deputy chairman continued that it is within the people’s rights that they should have infrastructure and electricity and should be a priority.

“We have seen that your roads are run-down, and there are a few places in this constituency that still lack electricity. I was going around this constituency and I have not seen a constituency as big as this one. It starts from Ha Pita to here, near the Mohokare River,” he stated.

In his remarks, the outspoken politician conceded rampant corruption and nepotism in government as well various parties’ structures, indicating that some are driven to these solely to secure employment for their members.

He was quick to point out, though, that perpetrators of these acts can be so corrupt that they become sore in the eyes of the voting public. He expressed concern about many of the country’s businesses that he said do not sell any products from Lesotho, yet people continue to complain of high unemployment rate.

When it comes to entertainment and sports, he said in the forthcoming ABC rule the youth will play a major role, especially on national television programming where there is a shortage of locally produced content. He said his party will ensure that the local television airs local content for which artists get paid while also ensuring payment of royalties for musicians is guaranteed.

He went on to promise that his party will also work on properly dressing the police service for the Lesotho Mountain Police Services to be presentable so that they can retain respect and dignity in the communities within which they work.

“We want our police to have proper uniform, service cars and all that they need for them to work well with the people they serve,” he said, further alluding to the fact that crime will decrease if the police are taken care of – resulting in citizens living freely knowing that they are safe.

He also called for legislators’ lunch allowances to be slashed, as well as those paid to ministers and for the money to be allocated to job creation efforts.

One of the ABC members present at the Sunday gathering, ’Makatleho Hlasa, told the Public Eye that she strongly believes in outright victory for her party in the coming polls – citing several achievements that she said will sway votes its way. “The ABC will win these coming elections because most of what was promised in previous manifestos in the past was fulfilled; such as the 2020 pay hike that was promised to factory workers,” she said.

She added that she believed the ABC will further improve the country’s infrastructure and increase electricity connectivity around the country. Hlasa said whoever will be elected to carry the ABC’s fortunes in the Likotsi constituency should also commit to refurbishing schools that fall within the Likotsi constituency such as Semphetenyane Primary School.

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