Two grannies butchered in Makhalaneng


Lemohang Tšehla

MASERU – Two women aged 73 and 58 were brutally killed at Ha Mokheseng, Makhalaneng, on Saturday afternoon. Reports reveal that these women were going to collect firewood in a nearby forest known as Liperekising Thabeng when they met their deaths. Their bodies were recovered by the villagers after a search the following Sunday morning.

The search revealed that one of the deceased’s throat was slashed and both sustained injuries on their bodies. In addition, it is reported that the pair was killed by a sharp object. Speaking on behalf of the chieftaincy in the area, ’Matoka Mokheseng said preliminary investigations have already been conducted pertaining these brutal killings.

The Ha Mokheseng community is now living in fear as they are still devastated because this is the first time that they have experienced such cruelty in the community. “We are so terrified,” Mokheseng said, adding, “We plead with the government of Lesotho to help us by ensuring that justice is served in this matter.”

’Matokelo Mokhothu, one of the villagers, said they are saddened by the passing of these women and that it is difficult for them as a community to understand why these women were killed brutally. Moreover, she said they are now scared of visiting other places in the community after these killings and consider the community unsafe now.

Furthermore, Seitlheko Mokone, one of the members of Ha-Mokheseng Crime Stop group said they are working hand in hand with the community in order to find the culprits. Mokone also urged Basotho to stand in solidarity with them as they seek justice during this difficult times.

“It’s horrific and heart-breaking,” Mokone said. Among the villagers who were interviewed by Public Eye, Mary Nthako breathed fire as she said that this is the worst and most horrific incident to have ever happened in their community. “It’s hard for us to sleep during the night,” he said.

She added: “We are also struggling to cope mentally because we are heartbroken.” Moreover, Nthako said that the community relies so much on the firewood from that forest, therefore, amid these brutal killings they are unable to collect firewood as they are still living in fear. Nthako further, pleaded with the government and all the security agencies to protect them from such brutal killings.

Forcing back tears, Haramantši Mosia, one of the members from the affected families broke his silence demanding that action should be taken against the culprits. “I am deeply hurt,” Mosia said. In an interview with Public eye Thabiso Tlali another family member who also suffered tragedy in this killings delivered a moving eulogy to his aunt aged 73.

Police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli, urged the community to always be careful when going to such places because they are no longer safe. Mopeli further emphasized that people should have means of communication during an emergency, as he believes this will play a vital role in helping them.


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