Monaheng targets Eagles tie



MASERU – Mosongoa Monaheng is hoping to get a run when Cheetahs Women take on the South Western Districts (SWD) Eagles at the South African (SA) Women First Division rugby championship in Bloemfontein, South Africa, tomorrow. Monaheng, who is one of the three Lesotho female rugby players selected to the Free State Senior Women Elite Squad – dubbed Cheetahs – is yet to play an official match in the Free State team’s colours since she joined them last month.

The Lesotho female rugby player last donned the Cheetahs jersey in a Test match against Griffons Women last month where she scored a try as Cheetahs beat Griffons 61-0. Monaheng missed two Cheetahs official games at the ongoing SA Women First Division, one against Griffons (that time at the official SA Women First Division) a fortnight ago and which Cheetahs Women won 107-5, and another against Griquas Women last Saturday, which Cheetahs won 58-17.

This is while Monaheng’s two Lesotho teammates, ’Mapaseka Rammoko and Nthabeleng Lebetsa played in both matches, including the first Test match against Griffons last month. “We played well on Saturday (against Griquas) and it was a very entertaining match with an improved performance (of her teammates) compared to the last matches,” said Monaheng in an interview with Public Eye on Monday this week.

“The same two players (Monaheng and Rammoko) were once again in action this week except me. I will be in the starting line-up this coming Saturday in a last match (of the group stage against Griquas) of the tournament against SWD.” Monaheng further said: “I had to be patient because they (Cheetahs Women coaches) explained to me why I was not playing in the two previous matches.” According to Monaheng, the Cheetahs Women’s technical team’s explanation was that they had many competitive backs and, as a result, they would keep changing players in those positions.

“I am not playing the same position with the other two players (Rammoko and Lebetsa). I play in backs and there are too many of us in backs and, as a result, they would keep changing players in those positions. “So they said I would be playing in a last match and I promise to do well and forget about the fact that I did not play in the previous two matches.” Meanwhile, Rammoko continued her fine performance with the Cheetahs Women.

The Lesotho player scored another try against Griquas last Saturday, after she scored two tries against Griffons; one in a Test match and the other at the ongoing SA Women First Division, respectively. “I would say my performance is improving game by game if after the game a coach does not pinpoint many mistake on my side,” said Rammoko. But the Griquas match was quite tough for the Cheetahs Women and Rammoko. She said she had realised that the match would be tough by the expression of her Cheetahs teammates just before the kick-off.

“I could tell that the Griquas match would probably be a tough game. The expression on the faces of teammates was enough for me to realise the toughness of the match just before kick-off.” Monaheng and her two Lesotho teammates were not the first local female rugby players to be selected to the Cheetahs squad. The first players were Palesa Pitso, Moliehi Mporoane and Mokias Phasumane, all in 2019. All of them failed to make it to the final squad.

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